Colección: UNALOME

Unalome is an ancient Buddhist symbol that represents the human path looking for plenitude, inner peace and bliss for existence: the path to enlightenment.
We use this symbol in our prints to remind and walk this path with our Triskel's woman, to the encounter with her inner self, that moment that reveals y connects with her inner goddess: her practice.

That is the reason why every piece of our garments have a goddess' name, remembering and unrevealing their powers inside us.

We perform a color palette to vibrate in higher frequencies. Wine color to root like first chakra and then, higher tones like pink, vanilla beige, and light blue. Gray and bronze colors are included too, embracing the acceptance of our shadow as an imperative to accept our own light and find harmony in our life.

Unalome collection has technical fabrics equipped with characteristics like quick drying, sweat-wicking fabric, UV protection, antibacterial odor control, colorfast and elasticity.
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